Club House

A truly exquisite construction, set on a substantial spot of the beautifully designed landscapes of the golf course. The clubhouse blooms with activity everyday and through the evening. A range of restaurants, bars, lounges and terraces extend throughout the building, with different tones and settings. To perfect the harmony, the club house abounds with entertainment facilities. Play spots induce fun spirit around the place and satisfy the need for some recreational challenge especially with the tournaments held all through the year.


To see is to believe. Learn about the numerous opportunities that make the clubhouse a positive, vibrant community, and delve into the different facilities during your next visit.


Golf Pro Shop

An impressive experience awaits you as you come across the golf pro shop right outside the Katameya Heights clubhouse. Stop by to pick up essential equipment not found anywhere else in Egypt, or for some wonderful souvenirs of your Katameya experience. A quality selection of golf merchandise might be a source of bafflement as you make your pick. For that reason, expert staff is there, ready to assist and offer personalized advice for your golf equipment purchase. From logo wear, brand name accessories, caps, towels, equipment and a selection of distinguished souvenirs. Close by the entrance of the clubhouse and by the pro shop is a large fleet of golf carts to serve the golfers.

Amazing Dining Venues

Overlooking the pool, a variety of restaurants, pubs andlounges await you in the clubhouse. Swing Restaurant and Lounge is sophisticated but amazingly cozy. Get your dose of sunlight inside the restaurant as you watch the peaceful view of the pool water, or get a double dose at the Swing terrace with the one of a kind cool breeze. Mulligan Pub and Sushi Bar includes two meeting points for two very special kinds of addicts; golf and sushi addicts. The Mulligan Pub is Cairo’s finest golf lounge, where golfers hangout to watch important events on the plasma screens as they take a soothing drink. Breeze Restaurant is the heart of the clubhouse, where all the fun and entertainment springs out. The restaurant is an amazing complex including an Italian and a Lebanese restaurant, in addition to the festival bar. At night, Breeze features live music at the poolside stage.

Health Club and Swimming Pool

The health club combines liveliness and peacefulness at one place. The enchanting spa neighbors the exhilarating gymnasium, and both are set just by the pool for a complete dose of physiotherapy. The spa includes sense-indulging Jacuzzis, detoxifying saunas, and a stimulating steam room. A variety of massage techniques are offered by our highly skilled masseuse. Next door is the Nautilus equipped gymnasium for all sorts of fitness workouts. Professional trainers play a guiding role here too. The pool outside the health club features an in-water bar and is heated four months a year.

Classic Lounge

Up, on the second floor is a spectacular spot, the Classic Lounge. The brick walls and domestic hues reflect a sense of elegance and tranquility to the atmosphere. Seats of different material and styles are arranged in the spacious site in different manners to offer a homely non-monotonous atmosphere. You can choose to sit by the fireplace, on the leather set, or at the window side. On the peaceful side, the Classic Lounge forms an ideal quiet reading spot or a site for hushed talks. As lavish as it is, the lounge is also expansive which makes it perfect for private functions, taking as much as 150 guests.


As you step out, you’ll be clearly observing a wondrous sight. Being on the second floor of the clubhouse, the terrace oversees a whole lot of the golf course’s beauty. The tables are set all around the vast space; from one side overlooking the pool and from the other side a dazzling scene of a waterfall. The extending area is perfectly set for weddings and large events and can take up to 1000 guests.


Lounge, play and drink at the billiards spot located just by the Mulligan bar, on the ground floor of the clubhouse. The pool table is a landmark in the clubhouse, where members of the club regularly meet to have fun as they catch up with the news.

Bridge Room

Getting the desire for a hand of bridge calls for a special visit to the bridge room, on the second floor of the clubhouse. This hall definitely reawakens the original spirit of bridge, of both skill and thrill of chance. The place is furnished with a group of casino-style green felt tables with comfy chairs. Bridge enthusiasts at Katameya Heights and of the clubhouse members are regular visitors of the bridge room. Tournaments held are usually sizzling with thrill and lots of fun.

Trophy Lounge

Another quite spot for hushed talks and relaxation times especially set for VIPs. The Trophy Lounge goes beyond elegance, to being captivating. The internal décor, furniture hues and soft lights all blend together to form a celebrity ambience. The trophy lounge is basically our major source of pride. As elegant as it is, it is also spacious enough to hold a wedding or celebration with as many as 100 guests.

Calcutta Bar

Located at the center of the clubhouse’s second floor is the 18th century Calcutta Bar. It brings together enthusiastic golfers, bridge buffs and quite some billiard players. You’ll feel the vibes of the classical age as you observe the décor, bar finishing, and the exceptional bartenders serving you some of your favorite drinks with a twist.