Health Club

An Enchanting Balance

Experience the absolute balance between exhilaration and relaxation. The Katameya Heights’ extensive spa and gymnasium invite you to the ultimate fitness luxury. As you get a kick out of our exquisite fitness spot surrounded by lavish décor, you’ll discover a whole new world; one that you can easily get addicted to.



The Spa, Massage and Jacuzzi

Your experience will start the second you enter the spa. A paradisiacal ambiance is perfected by the spiritual view of the pool. Get rid of your blues with a daytime visit to get the magical effect of the mood-elevating light streaks coming from the slightly open window blinds. On the other hand, a warm Jacuzzi soak at night will melt away any pain, anxiety, or insomnia thanks to the sense-indulging dim lighting of aromatherapy candles.


When time becomes a constraint, get a full rejuvenation in no time at all. Purify and rehydrate your skin, stimulate your metabolism, detoxify your body, and enhance your lungs; all in 15 minutes! You can have a dry heat treatment with a sauna session or a moist heat treatment in our steam room.

Massage and Jacuzzi

For more than just a treat, nurture your body with a positive therapy. Choose from among a variety of massage techniques, from a simple massage therapy to an energizing aromatherapy massage. A team of skilled and accredited masseuses will easily point out the best option for you.


After a zesty experience in the spa, give in to the tempting call of the pool right outside. A cold dip after a hot therapy is the ideal way to close your treatment cycle.


This charming spa will make an ideal place to celebrate a special occasion or a get-together of old pals with a celebrity twist. Get more creative with gifts and make a reservation for your loved ones to unwind.


The Gymnasium

Once you set your target it becomes our challenge. Cutting down those extra inches will be a finally attainable task with the extensive range of Nautilus™ professional training equipments. Build your balance and coordination with a selection of barbells and dumbbells. Along with an assortment of resistance machines to tone your legs and tighten your tummy, you’ll have a figure to truly be proud of.


As you switch between a treadmill, an elliptical trainer and a step mill, your cardio work-outs remain exhilarating with the usual monotony at its lowest.


Proper work-out techniques will maximize your fitness improvement without the slightest injury, and that’s where our professional trainers’ role comes. Someone will always be there to educate you, help you lose weight faster, polish your muscles, and improve your athletic performance.


All of this is set inside the magnificent atmosphere of our health club, where the gymnasium is adjacent to the spa with the enchanting panoramic view of the pool. Thus, you can easily get a relaxing treatment after a vigorous workout, and out into the pool to conclude your health session.

The Pool and In-Water Bar

Apart from a regular swim, you can work wonders in the pool right outside our health club.


By simply walking across the shallow water you’ll boost your metabolism and reduce muscle stress. A basic running movement in deep water will magically reduce force in your joints, especially with obesity and after extreme physical activity.


Get an intense dose of therapy in an atmosphere of ultimate luxury all year round. Having the water heated four months a year, the pool is as tempting in the winter as it is in the summer.


Wrap up your dip with a drink and a snack of your choice on the in-water bar. A fresh breeze and a vision of greenery all around are guaranteed to make your day!