Mulligan Pub

Sushi Bar

The heart of sushi delight for the sushi addict!


Get the Tokyo vibes with the exotic lighting and dark wooden decor.  The counter-height tables and square framed cushioned stools complement the Japanese aura. Angular dinnerware and chopsticks drive your cravings for a mouthful of fresh Saki. 


Satisfy your cravings by being seated at the sushi bar where one of our sushi chefs will take complete care of you. Whether you settle to drink sake or a one of our finest beverages, leave the choice of sushi to our chef. He’ll be delighted to recommend to you the best cuts. 


If you’re new to sushi, we will make your dining experience an unforgettable adventure! Start with some Maki rolls, which is rice with fillings like fish and vegetables wrapped in seaweed. Move on to tuna complemented with a taste of seaweed and the slightly sweet taste of sushi rice, the Tuna Maki. If you’re feeling more exploratory, dig into some sake sashimi or Ebi rolls.


If you’re not into sushi at all, fetch something from the variety of mini sandwiches and light snacks that suit all appetites.


The Mulligan Lounge

The Mulligan Lounge is our popular venue to view most golf events; stylish, relaxing and satisfies cravings of golf buffs. After a challenging round of golf, feel yourself sink into those caressing seats as your shoulders droop and you let go of the last bit of muscle tension.


The plasma screens compliment the elegant and modern décor of the lounge, together with tasty food, refreshing drinks and inviting service. You can choose to take your daily dose of sun at the uncovered section or to watch golf tournaments and sports games on the plasma screens, along with a delightful hot or cold drink.


The attention to details is what makes Mulligan so special and simply addictive. A meeting point for enthusiastic golfers of Egypt, where you are not being served; you are basically being looked after.


Location: Bottom floor of the clubhouse, next to the GYM.


Operation Hour: 7:00 AM - 11:00 PM


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